Trying NOT to look like an intimidating attorney

I’m exhausted and feel like I’ve been all over creation today. Spent the morning in the office trying to force the new law I’m learning to soak into my brain. Left for an early lunch to pick Daddy up from the doctor’s office after an out-patient procedure (nothing serious, he’s fine). Grabbed a quick (read: McDonald’s) lunch. Broke land-speed records getting to a nearby town in order to shadow one of the firm’s attorneys during mediations. Got bad/wrong directions from Google Maps that ended up getting me so lost that I missed the first mediation. And even though we got done at about 3:45pm, I went home. I was tired. My body hasn’t quite gotten used to these lawyer-hours yet.

So, today’s wardrobing challenge – mediation. Without going into detail, I work in an area of law that involves a lot of mediations. Usually of the court-ordered nature and often involving pro se parties. Today’s mediations both involved opposing parties who didn’t have attorneys. When I asked the attorney I would be shadowing yesterday is I should wear a suit, she explained that she typically wears a suit only when there will be an opposing counsel. Otherwise, she goes business casual so as not to overly intimidate the pro se parties.

So going for unintimidating, friendly attorney this is what I came up with.

The pants are a very dark shade of brown which is a matching piece for a suit. I think they look very nice with the khaki blazer, which is made of a cotton blend that has a subtle sheen to it. I think the non-matching blazer still has the air of authority, but is not as intimidating as a full suit. Personally, I love the whole color combination going on in this outfit – brown, khaki, and lavender.

I love the color of this shirt and the twist neckline. I admit, I have a few of these shirts in multiple colors. The neckline is a bit low, hence the addition of the lace camisole. And it adds an additional layer of visual interest. And finally, because I have to show off my accessories –

Also from Forever21, are these lovely (fake) gold filigree earrings with a vintage-inspired floral design. I think the colors in the earrings mesh well with the colors of the overall outfit and make the whole outfit feel just a little bit more special.


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