Denim Fridays (posted on Saturday)

I survived my first week of work! And I’m exhausted.
In the realm of exciting work news – (1) I finally have my own work space (thanks to rapid expansion in both the field of law and my particular firm, my work space is a cubicle currently lacking in a phone) and (2) I’ve officially been assigned my caseload. The first is exciting – makes the new job seem real – and the second is frightening – makes the new job seem VERY real.

But more importantly, what did I wear for my first casual Friday?? My office does casual/denim Fridays. I find that wearing denim to the office presents its own particular challenges. Even though you’re dressing “casually” does not mean you should put aside the appearance of professionalism and authority. In this particular outfit, I don’t think I necessarily pulled off “authoritative” (I’ve only been there a week and I don’t feel particularly authoritative yet), but I do think I still looked professional.

I LOVE these jeans. I fought the skinny jean trend hardcore for a long time. That is, until I found a pair of skinny jeans that fit me perfectly. I really believe that skinny jeans can work on most figures, it’s just a matter of finding the pair that fit correctly. In my personal opinion, skinny jeans should not be skin-tight. Which is part of why I like this particular pair – they’re fitted without being tight. The t-shirt is a staple in my wardrobe (and I have the same one in four different colors) and the twisted silk neckline gives it a little more interest. And the boyfriend-ish cardigan adds a little more coverage and is just comfy. Because professional wear can be comfortable, right? Right?

As you all have probably figured out about me, no outfit is complete without some fun color(s). So check out the earrings.

Apologies for the slightly blurry picture. The earrings are shaped like leaves. They certainly don’t match the rest of the outfit, but the earrings go when treated as a pop of color in an otherwise relatively neutral colored outfit.

And now I’m off to enjoy my Saturday! Happy weekend all!


2 Responses to “Denim Fridays (posted on Saturday)”

  1. Yay for Friday and Yay for your own work space.
    How do most people decorate their cubicles (if ever)? Since I work in the arts, some of us get pretty crazy but mostly it’s a mess chock full of papers and documents. Well, I work in the back office mostly and that explains the paperwork.

    I wear Jeans to work on Fridays too and usually pair it with a knock-off Chanel lookalike blazer and definitely heels/ pumps.

    • Everyone decorates their cubes differently, though I have noticed that the ladies tend to decorate more than the men (I think this is true when it comes to offices, too). I put in a few pictures – family, boyfriend, and getting sworn in to the Bar-, an alumni calendar, and a nice wooden pencil caddy/desk organizer. Though I agree that the most universal “decoration” in the cubes tends to be a big ol’ mess of papers!

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