President’s Day Sale

Good morning and Happy President’s Day!

Unfortunately I have to be off to work, but I wanted to make a quick PSA about a great sale going on at one of my favorite stores for affordable professional wear. The Limited is taking 40% off everything for today only. They’re also offering free shipping on purchases over 75%.

I just put in my order and we’ll just say that I got over $300 worth of merchandise for about $150 (I had another coupon from them I received in the mail). Very excited!

Have a great Monday everyone – whether you’re working or not!


4 Responses to “President’s Day Sale”

  1. Hey JessC – Suze from Corporette here. Love the blog. You ‘did good’ on your first week! Keep up the great work and inspiration.

    fellow size 12’er….:)

    • Awww, shucks! Thanks Suze!
      I think we still need to work on a Corporette meet-up for the Bay area…

      • Agreed. It kind of got lost in all the hubbub of last week…but I think it’d be great. There are at least 4-5 of us, probly more, and even if it’s just a few, it’d be cool.

        Are you working downtown? What do you think would be a good venue? I know you live in Brandon/Riverview – I live in TT.. which is to say I like downtown (as opposed to deep South Tampa – just easier to get home). But I can go Westshore/Int’l/SoHo if that is group conscience :).

  2. Hey there – happy weekend! Great weather too – I just spent the am running around Town and Country and Temple Terrace doing girls’ softball and son’s Little League, now looking forward to the rest of weekend w/no work after like 4 months of 6/7 day weeks and 200+ hour months. Yay! Anyhoo…just put up my response re a Corporette meet up – any of the venues are fine by me; I like Thursday much better than Friday (more kid sports – gah).

    How’s the job settling out?

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