What to wear to a weekend mock trial competition, i.e. Trying not to look like an intimidating attorney Part 2

So a few weeks ago my dear friend – j – over at Look! I Look Cute Today! totally exploited my love of trial advocacy and mock trial competitions when she convinced me to judge a weekend high school mock trial competition. I had a fantastic time! The competitors did an all around great job for only having a high schooler’s level of understanding of trial procedure and evidentiary rules (hearsay and legal relevancy were particularly difficult issues). The only down-side to the competition – I had to be at the courthouse at 8am on a Saturday. So much for sleeping in (though I did get to take a lovely long late-afternoon nap on the sofa afterwords).

So when I was figuring out what to wear for the competition, I found myself in a rather similar position as I did when I went to my first mediation (discussed in Trying NOT to look like an intimidating attorney). Add in the fact that I had no idea what the other attorneys would be wearing (ranged from full suits to jeans), I didn’t want to be overly business-y.

The first outfit I thought of wearing was very different. It was a pair of black slacks, gray shawl collar sweater, and a burgundy camisole underneath. But it was a rather dark outfit and I wasn’t really in dark-clothes-mood. And it would appear that spring has arrived to the Florida gulf coast. As the day was absolutely gorgeous outside, I felt the need to bring a little bit of the spring in-doors. Hence the gorgeous teal color and floral applique on the right shoulder.

Though I am wondering a little bit in whether I succeeded at looking appropriately attorney-ish enough. Why you might ask? Well, because when I walked up to a group of attorneys which included a few of the attorneys running the competition and asked where we should go, I was asked which team I was with. As in which HIGH SCHOOL team was I a part of. Sigh.


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