Comfy business casual and first office happy hour

Happy Thursday (i.e. Happy almost-Friday)!

So this week has been a little crazy. I’m sure you’ve guess by my less than regular blogging this week. Work has really picked up for me this week and I’ve also had a few personal engagements after work this week. So I’ve been getting home late the past night or two. In other words – I. Am. BEAT.

Today’s outfit was picked with two particular facts in mind: (1) When I woke up this morning I was beyond tired (2) I was going to my first office happy hour. Based on both of those facts, the natural outfit was a dress and cardigan. Apologies for the lack of model (i.e. me) in the pictures – I got into PJs as soon as I got home and didn’t get a picture while I was still in the outfit.

To me, one of hte only things comfier (sp?) than an old t-shirt and jeans is a dress and cardigan. This dress looks gray from afar, but up close has a houndstooth-esque pattern to it. It’s one of my favorite work dresses (and is actually the first I ever got!). The cardigan is fun and has a cute little detail along the edges.

The detail along the edging of the dress adds a little extra interest to an otherwise very simple outfit. And the earrings… well they’re just fun! As I said before, I went with the dress/sweater combo for today because it’s comfy (and I was dead tired), but also because I thought by removing the cardigan would transition the outfit really well into happy hour. As it turned out though, I left the cardigan on as it was a little cool this evening.

Nighty night everyone and sweet dreams!


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