Comfort and finding common trends in your wardrobe

When I’m most tired and completely lacking in energy in the morning to plan out a spectacularly fabulous outfit in the morning, I find myself reaching for my stand-bys and oft-worn favorites. Partially out of comfort – because if I wear it frequently, I probably find it comfortable. And partially out of ease – because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This week I’ve been dragging a bit, so I pulled out some of favorite go-to’s. This includes not just specific items, but also fits/shapes/silhouettes and color combinations. Check out this outfit I wore Monday:

Cream sweater and brown slacks. Hmmm, I think this might be slightly similar to what I wore on February 23, 2011. I’m not sure that the slacks were also brown on that day, but you get the idea. I love the color cream for my skin tone and wear it often. It’s a soft color and not as harsh as white-white. And it just feels like such a cozy color to me – like the color of your favorite old sweater you throw on on Sunday morning.

Also check out this detail shot of outfit I wore on Tuesday:

Twist-trim long-sleeve shirt and lace camisole… hmmm, does that look familiar? If you’ve seen my post from February 17, 2011, it should. Yes, I own multiples of that shirt. I bought one and loved it, and when I saw more of them on sale a few weeks later I picked up a few more colors. And as for that lace camisole – yes, it does make many, many appearances in my wardrobe.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that not every outfit has to be new and interesting. In fact, I would argue that knowing what works for your body, your life, and your personality is very much an asset. It’s a matter of striking that balance between wearing what works for you and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and putting together something innovative every single day.


2 Responses to “Comfort and finding common trends in your wardrobe”

  1. Love the site! I have a similar shape, and I think the white sweater/top would suit me as well. Could you please share where you found it?


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