Musings from the road…

As you may have guessed from both today’s entry title and from the picture, I’m on the road today. For those of you who are familiar with Ocala, well, you know where I’m spending my day. For those of you who can’t find Ocala on a map, we’ll just say you’re really not missing much.

I currently find myself seated in a Panera at the tail end of the lunch rush. My next mediation starts in about an hour. I’m tapping away on my laptop trying to get a little work done – update our case management system as to my earlier mediation, email the appropriate department as to the necessary next steps, and fire off a few miscellaneous emails (one of which at least is likely to make a certain client none too happy), and so on.

So a few things I’ve learned from my first business trip:
(1) Getting a rental car always reminds me how much I need a new car. Seriously. Mine is becoming a piece of crap that I wouldn’t trust to take me on this 4-ish hours round trip without completely failing me.
(2) It’s always a good thing to try to save the client a few bucks, but there’s no need to be overly stingy with yourself. Technically, driving my car (and crossing my fingers) might have been a tad bit cheaper for the client. But, in my opinion, the few extra dollars are worth my relative comfort and safety when the client wants me to trot off to a place 100+ miles away from home on their behalf.
(3) Try to still eat well. This also kind of ties into the above point. I could have gone to’ and eaten greasy (yet delicious) crap. Instead I went a little pricier, fancier, and healthier and went with Panera. Also, finding a place with wi-fi allowed me to get some work done (and play around on my blog, as well 🙂 ).
(4) Always, always, leave early. I don’t have the greatest sense of direction. I’m fine when I’m at home or in cities I know well, but get me out of my comfort zone and it’s a guarantee that I’ll get lost at least once. Which I did today, of course, on the way to my first mediation. Thank goodness I left about 30 minutes early.

Anyway, time to clean up and prepare for my next mediation. Then hopefully back home sweet home before dark. Have a wonderful Friday, all!!


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