Writing your firm bio

So this weekend I’ve been instructed to complete a task that requires finding that delicate balance between hubris and humility – writing my bio for the firm website. Thanks to the ladies at Corporette (scroll down to around comment 90 to see my question and the responses it received), I was able to get some advice.

Generally speaking, the theme of the advice offered was to check out what everyone else wrote.  Not including the bios of the higher-ups, most of the associate bios ranged from about 70 to 150 words. Some where very bare bones – where and when they went to school and when they were admitted to the bar. A few took a few more liberties discussing accolades, areas of concentration, or memberships.

Seeing the relative shortness of the firm bios written by other associates, I’ve found the greatest challenge to be keeping my bio brief. Rather than just stating an accomplishment or association, my instinct would be to describe it as well. But 70-150 words doesn’t give a whole lot of wiggle room for description. For the same reason, there’s also the issue of deciding which accolades and memberships to actually include. Thankfully the brevity of my bio should keep any over-the-top hubris to a minimum.

So this is what I submitted (redacted to protect the blogger’s and firm’s privacy):

Jessica C, Esq., is an associate at the Tampa office of [Law Firm]. Before joining the firm, Ms. Craven completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Florida in December 2006, graduating magna cum laude. Ms. Craven completed her Juris Doctor from [Law School] in May 2010 and was admitted to the Florida Bar in October 2010.

 While at [Law School], Ms. Craven received a Certificate of Concentration in Advocacy in addition to her JD. She was also active in the legal fraternity [Fraternity Name] and remains active as an Assistant District Justice.

Ms. Craven is a nearly life-long native Tampa Bay and currently resides in the area.

As a side note, Above the Law did a suprisingly informative and non-misogynistic piece on Law firm Bios back in October 2010 – What’s Wrong With Your Law Firm Bio?


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