About Me

Nice to meet you! My name’s Jessica. But you can call me Jess.

Welcome to my blog, The Stylish Barrister. I have to say, I started this blog on something of a whim. I knew I’d be starting a job soon and wanted a fun way I could talk about work and something else I love dearly – fashion. Dressing both fashionably and professionally in a conservative work environment is a challenge. A challenge not frequently addressed by many fashion media sources.

I’m a lawyer. I graduated from law school in May 2010, passed the bar exam and was admitted to practice in October 2010. Thanks to the recession and craptastic job market I didn’t get a job until February 2011. I work at a great and rapidly expanding mid-sized firm (about 30 or so attorneys). I live in Florida and have my entire life. I have a wonderful father and some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

So what does all this mean about me? I’m a lawyer. I’m a blogger. I’m a fashionista of professional wear. I’m a sunshine-lovin’ Floridian. I’m a daughter and friend to many. All in all, I’m just a pretty happy lady.


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