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I’m baaaaaaaack…

Posted in Business Formal, Lawyering with tags , , , , , on April 25, 2011 by Jessica

So I’ve been an excessively recalcitrant blogger lately. My sincerest apologies. Work got crazy busy. And I took a (mini) vacation. And I lost my camera. And the dog ate my homework – I know. But now I’m back! I hope you all missed me.

Let’s mix things up a bit. I work in a business casual office (that is still currently in its month-long stint of casual wear). So it’s not often that I have reason to wear business formal. So I give you, ladies and gentlemen – a suit!

Every professional woman should have a favorite suit. I should say – not just a favorite suit – but one that makes you feel good, strong, and a total badass. This would be mine. I’m not sure what it is about this particular suit that makes me feel like a woman to be reckoned with, but I’m guessing it’s either the good, comfortable fit, the off-black color, or the subtle pinstripes.
And of course, the red shirt adds a little something extra to it. It’s not a shy color, to say the least. If you’re willing to wear a color like this, you have to be willing (or wanting) to have people take notice.

I wore this for one of my first court appearances. I do alot of mediations and courtcall hearings. Both are rather informal and relaxed. Mediation is, by its nature, an informal process and calling-in for a hearing just tends to feel less formal. For this particular set of hearings, I wanted to appear very classic and formal to help me feel and to remember to be more formal. Also, because this particular set of hearings was going to last most of the day and require me to run between multiple courtrooms, I knew I needed to be comfortable. So I went with my favorite suit and a classic button-front shirt in a bold color.

Now, it’s time for me to enter some billing and get ready for the craziness that’s to come this week (and watch some Law & Order while I’m doing the above). Nighty night!


Just a little preppiness…

Posted in Business Casual, Uncategorized, Wear to Work with tags , , , , on March 21, 2011 by Jessica

I could give you the same excuse about being dead-tired and completely bogged-down at work (which are all true), but it would be the same old excuses for being a recalcitrant blogger. So to my meager audience out there – my apologies. I’m trying to set up a schedule for blogging and getting better at this anyway.

Anyway, on to the fashion! As a general rule, I’ve never considered myself preppy. Frankly, there’s part of me that still cringes at that world. I’m a girl who used to wear band t-shirts, Chuck Taylors, clothes from Gadzooks, always jeans, and nary a skirt or dress in sight. But as I’ve gotten older my style has turned more towards the “classic”, though there are occasional moments which reflect more former punk rock college student propensities. And just the tiniest little bit of prep seems to have worked its way in… 

Behold – the sweater vest. Only one of the preppiest items an individual can wear. At least it’s not argyle. It’s actually quite cute – there’s a row of buttons down the front (like a cardigan) and small lacy ruffles down either side of the placket. I’ve tried this vest with t-shirts underneath it (a look of frequently done using structured suiting vests), but for some reason it just doesn’t quite work. So I stick with button front shirts – this one is a lovely jewel-tone blue made from a fabric with both sheen and stretch.

I quite like this look. The touch of preppiness is just that – just a touch. And a touch of something different from our norm adds variety and interest to our wardrobe. I rocked my sweater vest today. I can let my punk rocker girl shine through the other 6 days of the week.

What to wear to a weekend mock trial competition, i.e. Trying not to look like an intimidating attorney Part 2

Posted in Weekend Wear with tags , , , , on February 27, 2011 by Jessica

So a few weeks ago my dear friend – j – over at Look! I Look Cute Today! totally exploited my love of trial advocacy and mock trial competitions when she convinced me to judge a weekend high school mock trial competition. I had a fantastic time! The competitors did an all around great job for only having a high schooler’s level of understanding of trial procedure and evidentiary rules (hearsay and legal relevancy were particularly difficult issues). The only down-side to the competition – I had to be at the courthouse at 8am on a Saturday. So much for sleeping in (though I did get to take a lovely long late-afternoon nap on the sofa afterwords).

So when I was figuring out what to wear for the competition, I found myself in a rather similar position as I did when I went to my first mediation (discussed in Trying NOT to look like an intimidating attorney). Add in the fact that I had no idea what the other attorneys would be wearing (ranged from full suits to jeans), I didn’t want to be overly business-y.

The first outfit I thought of wearing was very different. It was a pair of black slacks, gray shawl collar sweater, and a burgundy camisole underneath. But it was a rather dark outfit and I wasn’t really in dark-clothes-mood. And it would appear that spring has arrived to the Florida gulf coast. As the day was absolutely gorgeous outside, I felt the need to bring a little bit of the spring in-doors. Hence the gorgeous teal color and floral applique on the right shoulder.

Though I am wondering a little bit in whether I succeeded at looking appropriately attorney-ish enough. Why you might ask? Well, because when I walked up to a group of attorneys which included a few of the attorneys running the competition and asked where we should go, I was asked which team I was with. As in which HIGH SCHOOL team was I a part of. Sigh.