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Not your typical lady who lunches

Posted in After Work, Business Casual with tags , , , on April 7, 2011 by Jessica

Part of being a successful professional, in my opinion, is getting involved in and giving back to the local community. And not just the community of whatever your chosen profession – but the local community as a whole. With this in mind, I decided I needed to get involved. And, truthfully, not just for the above reason, but also because I like and want to be involved in the community. I am very fortunate to be where I am in my life and to have had the success that I’ve had in this short time and it makes me want to give back to those less fortunate. So I started looking into what organizations I might be interested in. That’s when a friend suggested Junior League. So I went to an open house orientation meeting this week to check it out. This is what I wore:

With the silk blouse and delicate gold jewelry, I was going for a look that would allow me to fit somewhat into the idea of a typical Junior League member. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the month of casual – as is common with lawyers, there was some fine print to the offer. If there are clients visiting, we’re asked/required to wear business casual. Oh well. Though I suppose it’s not so bad as I probably wouldn’t have wanted to wear jeans to the JL meeting anyway.

Now, I know JL has a very particular reputation among the public as being made up of a sort of “ladies who lunch” crowd. Having sat in a room of prospective and current members, I will say that image isn’t entirely false. Yes, there were definitely some ladies who fit that mold very well. But there were also several young professional women there as well.

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t feel 100% comfortable in the crowd – many of the ladies reminded me of the sorority girls from college and people who grew up and live very differently from myself. But I’m going to go for it just the same. Many of the causes and organizations that the local JL support are ones that mean a great deal to me. From their literature, it’s not a small time commitment but I am excited to give it a try.


What to wear to a weekend mock trial competition, i.e. Trying not to look like an intimidating attorney Part 2

Posted in Weekend Wear with tags , , , , on February 27, 2011 by Jessica

So a few weeks ago my dear friend – j – over at Look! I Look Cute Today! totally exploited my love of trial advocacy and mock trial competitions when she convinced me to judge a weekend high school mock trial competition. I had a fantastic time! The competitors did an all around great job for only having a high schooler’s level of understanding of trial procedure and evidentiary rules (hearsay and legal relevancy were particularly difficult issues). The only down-side to the competition – I had to be at the courthouse at 8am on a Saturday. So much for sleeping in (though I did get to take a lovely long late-afternoon nap on the sofa afterwords).

So when I was figuring out what to wear for the competition, I found myself in a rather similar position as I did when I went to my first mediation (discussed in Trying NOT to look like an intimidating attorney). Add in the fact that I had no idea what the other attorneys would be wearing (ranged from full suits to jeans), I didn’t want to be overly business-y.

The first outfit I thought of wearing was very different. It was a pair of black slacks, gray shawl collar sweater, and a burgundy camisole underneath. But it was a rather dark outfit and I wasn’t really in dark-clothes-mood. And it would appear that spring has arrived to the Florida gulf coast. As the day was absolutely gorgeous outside, I felt the need to bring a little bit of the spring in-doors. Hence the gorgeous teal color and floral applique on the right shoulder.

Though I am wondering a little bit in whether I succeeded at looking appropriately attorney-ish enough. Why you might ask? Well, because when I walked up to a group of attorneys which included a few of the attorneys running the competition and asked where we should go, I was asked which team I was with. As in which HIGH SCHOOL team was I a part of. Sigh.